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FEA Merchandising Men’s Kiss Love Gun T-Shirt

Addecd on June 7, 2014 in Rock Band T-Shirts
$19.00 Add To Cart price at May 29, 2017 6:08 pm UTC -Details

Love gun Product Features Licensed tee Cotton

Love gun

Product Features

  • Licensed tee
  • Cotton


Melissa A Beals says:

KISS shirt is great Great shirt. Gonna wear it to KISS concert! Just like the one I had 30 years ago! Wish I had not thrown away all of my old shirts from back then

Dawn Pool says:

Great product! So I bought this as a gift and it was a little large, but I think it was my fault overall with that. I just wasn’t a good judge of size. Anyway, great product! Great gift for a Kiss fan.

Wm. B. Fleetwood says:

Mens Kiss Tee Mu husband loved the shirt (he has quite a collection of Rock shirts). The colors are vibrant and the shirt fits as it should. I washed it and all was good!Thanks, Jeanne

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